Study Multiplication Facts 

There are numerous apps available to help practice multiplication such as Times Tables Quiz!

Alternatively, you can also play a mad minute game online here (requires flash player)


* Forgot your math textbook? Click here 


* Forgot you social textbook? Click here. 



May 22

- Math textbook pages 234-235 questions 1, 2, 4, and 5 - Due Monday 

- Edmodo math (grade 6 fractions) - Due Monday 


May 21

- Edmodo social studies (how are natural resources used) - Due tomorrow 


May 20

- Edmodo social studies (Cordillera 2) - Due tomorrow 


May 19

- Edmodo LA (Antonyms) - Due tomorrow 

- Edmodo LA (fact and opinion) - Due tomorrow 

- Math study guide - Test tomorrow 


May 13

- Math textbook pg. 271 questions 9 to 18 - Due tomorrow 


May 12

- Edmodo LA (comma handout) - Due tomorrow 

- Math textbook pg. 216 questions 1 to 8 - Due tomorrow


May 11

- Edmodo math handout (lesson 13)- Due tomorrow 

- Math text pg. 214 questions 1 to 6 - Due tomorrow 

- Edmodo LA (word meaning handout) - Due tomorrow 


May 7

- Edmodo math handout - Due tomorrow 

- Edmodo LA handout - Due tomorrow 

- Pandemic Time Capsule on Edmodo 


May 6 

- Math textbook pages 208-209 questions 1 to 13 - Due tomorrow 


May 5

- Edmodo math handout 

- Edmodo LA handout


May 4 

- Math textbook pages 202 - 203 questions 1 to 9


April 29

- Edmodo math lesson 9 handout - Due tomorrow 

- Edmodo Simile poem - Due tomorrow

- Independent / Dependent Clause Quiz - Friday 


April 28

- Math textbook pg.193 questions 1 to 7 - Due tomorrow 

- Edmodo Simile poem - Due tomorrow 


April 24

- Edmodo math handout - Due Monday

- Edmodo LA handout (Haiku Poems) - Due Monday 


April 23

- Math textbook lesson 8 - Due tomorrow 


April 21

- Study for the Math Assessment tomorrow (10am on Edmodo)

- Edmodo List Poem due Thursday 


Parents, please make sure your child has his/her Teams app open and ready 5min prior to his/her time slot for our math chat. Some students have yet to book a slot. 


April 20

- Complete the math assessment prep handout (study guide) for tomorrow 

- Edmodo math assessment on Wednesday (Unit 5 lessons 1 to 7)


Parents, I will be meeting with each of your children individually to assess their understanding of the math concepts covered thus far in unit 5. Your child was asked to book a time slot on Edmodo for Wednesday or Thursday. I will "call" your child via Teams during the time slot that your child selected. 


April 16

- Edmodo math handout - Due tomorrow 

- Science Assignment (Mrs. McNamee's google classroom)


We will go over the Edmodo math and the rest of the social studies handout tomorrow during our morning meeting.  


April 15

- Math textbook pg. 189 questions 1 to 5 - Due tomorrow 

- Edmodo Social Studies (handout 4) - Due tomorrow 

Please have both completed for our morning meeting : ) 


April 14

- Math textbook questions 7 to 13 on pg. 186 - Due tomorrow

- Edmodo Math handout - Due tomorrow 

- Edmodod LA handout - Due tomorrow  

- Edmodo Social Studies (handout 4) - Due Thursday 

Parent Update: I hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend. We will be going over the LA handout and the Math that was assigned this morning during our class meeting tomorrow. 


April 8

- Edmodo math - Due tomorrow 

- Edmodo Social (interior plains handout 3) - Due tomorrow 


Parent update: Please make sure both homework assignments above are completed for our 9am Teams meeting. If your child is having trouble joining the Teams meeting, take a look at the calendar in the app. You should be able to see a meeting scheduled for tomorrow. It will have a join button on it. Please click on that button tomorrow morning just before 9am. If you do not see the meeting scheduled in the calendar, please send me an email and I will do my best to sort it out. Thanks!


April 6 

- Edmodo LA (Malala Poem) - Due tomorrow 

We will be going over our poems and the social studies handout tomorrow during our Microsoft Teams meeting at 9am. 

Parent Update:

Please make sure your child has the Microsoft Teams app downloaded in order to have fewer issues joining our meetings. It is important to have your child use his/her school email when using Teams.  


April 3

- Edmodo math - Due Monday 

- Edmodo Free Verse Poetry - Due Monday

- Edmodo Social Studies (interior plains 2) - Due Monday


April 1

- Please have the latest Social Studies handout (interior plains) done for tomorrow so that we can review your answers. 

- Please have Math textbook questions 1 to 10 (except for 2) on pages 178-179 completed for Friday. I posted new YouTube videos that I created on Edmodo to help with the new lesson. 

Parent Update:

Our ZOOM meeting went very well today. It was a productive video conference and we were able to go over both math assignments. We were logged on for 1 hour and 30 minutes in total. Nearing the end of the meeting it became clear that many students were reaching their limit. This was a good learning experience. Moving forward, we will try to keep the meetings within an hour in order to maintain student focus. We also discovered that it would be challenging to cover more than one subject during a meeting. We may need to re-work our schedule moving forward to adjust to these new findings. 

On a personal note, it was great being able to see everyone and to get some work done together. It was nice to feel like a class once again. I walked away feeling a sense of relief and positivity. I hope your children feel the same way.

We will meet on ZOOM tomorrow morning at 9am once again. 

Mar. 31

- Please have lesson 2 (unit 4) in the math makes sense textbook completed for tomorrow.

- Please have the most recent social studies handout completed for tomorrow

Both assignments were assigned prior to spring break

We will be discussing both assignments during our ZOOM chat tomorrow morning at 9am


Parents, please check your email. I had a letter sent to you earlier today. As mentioned in my email, bumps will happen along the way. Our first bump has to do with ZOOM. Edmonton Catholic Schools announced this afternoon that teachers should use Microsoft Teams rather than ZOOM. With that being said, we will continue to use ZOOM for the remainder of the week. I will use ZOOM to help the students learn how to access Microsoft Teams. This news is unfortunate because ZOOM is more user friendly. I appologize for the mix up.


Mar. 30

- I posted Edmodo math (lesson 2) - Due tomorrow 

- Parents, I will be using this video conferencing app/website to host classroom chats and instruction. Our first official ZOOM chat will be on Wednesday at 9:00am. I expect everyone to attend the chat. 

I will host a practice chat tomorrow at 9am. The invite to the chat will be posted on Edmodo. The practice chat tomorrow is not required, but if your child is interested, it will be available.  

Please search the App Store for: ZOOM Cloud Meetings

Simply download the app. You do not need to create an account. I will post the login information on Edmodo tomorrow morning. 


Mar. 20

- I posted a few new youtube videos about number lines. The links are on Edmodo. Please complete questions 3, 4, 5, and 6 on pages 172 and 173 in the textbook. 


Mar. 18

- I posted a few youtube videos for Unit 5, lesson 2. The links to the videos are on Edmodo. Please complete questions 1, 2, 7, 11, and 12 on pages 172 and 173. 


Mar. 17

- Mrs. Mcnamee and Mrs. Webber created google classes for science and music. Please check Edmodo to find the codes to join.

- New video on edmodo

- Edmodo Social handout


Mar. 16

- Please watch the short video I posted on Edmodo. 

- Mathletics homework (review) has been assigned. I sent you your mathletics username and password via private message on Edmodo. It is not due until the end of the week. 


Mar. 12

- No homework 


Mar. 9 

- Social Studies Famous 5 poster - Due Wednesday 


Mar. 6 

- Famous Five handout on edmodo - Due Monday 


Mar. 5

- Spelling test - Tomorrow 

- Math unit test (study guide on edmodo) - Tomorrow 


Mar. 4 

- Spelling Test - Friday

- Math unit test - Friday 

- Cooking class tomorrow - Bring signed form 


Mar. 2

- Math - Show what you know - Due tomorrow 

- Spelling words on Edmodo - Friday 


Feb 26

- Stuck Story - Due Monday

- Edmod Social - Due Monday 

- Prepare for Math unit test - Friday   


Feb 25

- Stuck story (please use the planner on edmodo) - Due Monday

- Prepare for math unit test - Early next week   


Feb 21

- Edmodo social - Due Monday 

- Study for Social Unit Test (study guide on edmodo) - Monday 


Feb 18

- Textbook math pg. 149-150 questions 1 to 6 - Dur tomorrow 


Feb 14

- Monday No School 

- Persuasive Letter - Due Tuesday 

- Edmodo math - Due Tuesday 

- Perimeter and Area Quiz - Tuesday 


Feb 12

- Social Studies (Read pgs. 90-91 in the text and answer the questions on pg. 91) - Due tomorrow 


Feb 7 

- Edmodo Social - Due Monday 

- Transformation Story (handed in on paper) - Due Monday 

- Math quiz (perimeter and area) - Monday 


Feb 6

- Edmodo math - Due tomorrow 


Feb 3

- No homework 

- No school tomorrow 

- Skiing on Wednesday 


Jan 30 

- Edmodo Social Studies - Due tomorrow 

- Talent Show Tomorrow 


Jan 29 

- Edmodo math was posted late. Do not worry about completing it for homework. We will work on it tomorrow morning. 


Jan 28

- Math text pgs. 133 - 134 questions 1 to 4 - Due tomorrow


Jan 27

- Social Studies questions on pg. 69 - Due tomorrow 


Jan 24

- Plot Mountain (story organizer) - Due Monday 


Jan 23

- Edmodo math - Due tomorrow 


Jan 17 

- Edmodo LA (story starters) - Due Monday 


Jan 16

- Math Unit Test - Tomorrow (study guide on edmodo)


Jan 13

- Edmodo Math - Due tomorrow 

- Math unit Test - Tentatively Scheduled for Friday 

- Complete Social Studies handout from Friday if you did not complete it for today 


Jan 10 

- Edmodo social handout - Due Monday 

- Math text pg. 110 - 111 questions 1 to 3 - Due Monday 


Jan 9 

- Edmodo Social - Due tomorrow 


Jan 8 

- Edmodo LA (boring paragraph) - Due tomorrow 

- Study for math quiz (long division) - Tomorrow 


Jan 7 

- Edmodo math (long division - plenty of class time given) - Due tomorrow 

- Edmodo Social Studies (2 handouts) - Due tomorrow 


Jan 6

- Math text pg. 106 questions 1 to 5 - Due tomorrow 




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